Haylie Allcott - Communication & Events Manager

Haylie AllcottCommunication & Events Manager

Haylie Allcott is a mocha-loving, stary-eyed dreamer and creator, a seeker of beauty who believes in making every moment in life more beautiful (i.e. if you can add swirls to something, you should). An illustrator, piano-player, blogger, singer-songwriter, and field-frolicker, Haylie lives artfully, boldly paving her journey with coffee, story, and thankfulness for God’s illumination of each step forward. She possesses a Fine Arts Music degree from Milligan College in Tennessee, as well as an undying passion for excellence in the arts within the church. If her life had a soundtrack, it would be composed by John Williams or Howard Shore (she dares you to go look them up). Haylie is delighted and honored that God invited her to be a part of His work through If Then Move! 

Haylie is married to Ryan and a new mom to Lucy!

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