Made Beautiful

Bible Study Resources: 

"The Beautiful Bride" Bible study is a five-week study designed to accompany the "Made Beautiful" one-night study.  To access the resources for this study, click the above link.  Each week, click on the link to watch the weekly introduction video (each video is about 5-7 minutes) and then, throughout the week, read the five devotionals that accompany the weekly topic.

We would love to hear how God is impacting your life through this study.  Please share your stories by clicking HERE.


Audio Book Downloads:




(Links to the following resources coming soon)

  • Study Handout
  • Choosing Jesus as Savior and Lord
  • Looking like a disciple of Jesus
  • Using this study for groups with special circumstances:
    • Teens
    • Victims of Abuse
    • Abortion Healing
    • Addiction and Recovery


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