The Beautiful Bride Bible Study

Directions: (1 video + 5 devotions = 1 week of study) Begin the week by clicking on the weekly title to watch the video clip. Throughout the week, click on the links to read the five daily devotions under that video clip. We encourage you to share this study with your friends and would love to hear your stories.  

Week 1: The Contract & the Cup (video clip)

Day 1: Death to Life – The Contract’s Offer

Day 2: Not My Righteousness!

Day 3: Repentance and Baptism

Day 4: Bearing His Name

Day 5: Take the Cup


Week 2: The Gifts - Corporate (video clip)

Day 1: His Faith-FULL Word!

Day 2: Prosperity and Success 

Day 3: Weak Arms and Weak Knees

Day 4: Canned Conversation or Powerful Prayer?

Day 5: My Father and My Groom


Week 3: The Gifts - Individual (video clip)

Day 1: My Best Friend

Day 2: One of a Kind 

Day 3: Set the World on Fire 

Day 4: Gifts of the Spirit

Day 5: The Body of Christ


Week 4: The Place (video clip)

Day 1: Suck It Up, Buttercup!

Day 2: Get Off Your Donkey!

Day 3: “Look Alikes”

Day 4: Love, Honor, and Obey

Day 5: Sweet Fruit!


Week 5: The Wait (video clip)

Day 1: Be Ready!

Day 2: Called Out!

Day 3: COME and GO!

Day 4: Ambassadors of Christ

Day 5: Seen and Unseen

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