'Cuz It's Not About Me Family Night Activity


(The following questions and answers are only guidelines.  Please feel free to adjust to fit the needs of your family.)

  1. Choose a night on the calendar for this activity.  Prepare in advance to make this a fun but intentional night. 
  2. Begin the night be listening to the “ ‘Cuz It’s Not About Me” story on CD. 
  3. Talk through the following questions:
    1. Have you ever met anyone that acted like Brit?
    2. Why do you think Brit acted the way that she did? Answer possibilities:  She did not know that other people needed her help.  She saw advertisements on TV that made her think that stuff would make her happy.
    3. Why did Brit change her focus from stuff to people?
    4. What happened when she started thinking about others?
    5. Can you think of anyone who needs your help?  How could you help them?
    6. Parents introduce the idea of helping the homeless.
      1. What does it mean to be homeless?  
      2. Why are some people homeless? Are only adults homeless?
      3. Are there ways that we can help them?
      4. What do they need?
      5. Assemble If…Then…Bags for the Homeless.
        1. Decide how many bags you would like to make for each vehicle.
        2. Place desired items in each bag. Suggested items include but are not limited to the following:

                                               i.     Water Bottle

                                             ii.     Any non-perishable food items such as:

            1. Peanut Butter Crackers
            2. Granola Bars
            3. Snack packs
            4. Meat sticks…etc…

If you would like to include more items, some of the following are things that we have found would be helpful:

                                            iii.     Toiletries  

            1. Soap
            2. Toothpaste
            3. Toothbrush

                                            iv.     Clothing

            1. New socks
            2. New underwear

                                             v.     Gift Cards for Food 

4. Have children color If…Then…note for each bag. (see website to download) or create your own.  (Please do not include personal information, but your child’s first name and age with the note would mean so much to someone.)

5. Before putting the notes in the bag, hold them and pray asking God to guide your eyes to see the people that He wants you to give them to.  Ask God to help them to feel His love through your actions.  

6. Repeat this activity as often as you need bags.  Next time, you might want to invite another family to join you and have your kids help lead the activity. 






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