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Don't Put Your Hands Down

But while Saul was talking to the priest, the uproar in the camp of the Philistine continued and kept getting louder. Saul said to the priest, “Put your hand down.” 1 Sam. 14:19

The story behind the verse: (1 Samuel 13-14)

Saul, Israel's first…

It's Not Happy People Who Are Thankful, but Thankful People Who Are Happy!

“Full is as good as a feast!” she said beaming from ear to ear. The rare joy of spending the day with my mom had already harvested so many special moments, but of all of the things she said, I find myself continually contemplating this one phrase. As we approach Christmas, I invite you also to…

Are You Listening?

“Because a thankful heart is a happy heart…that’s why I say ‘thanks’ every day!” Thanks to Jr. Asparagus and Veggie Tales, many of our kids grew up singing silly songs with beautiful meanings. As a child, I grew up learning so…

Sharp Enough?


Kitchen remodel 300x225 Sharp Enough?

A few weeks ago, we realized that mold was growing behind the backsplash of the sink in our kitchen. That realization resulted in an unexpected,…

Too Busy to Turn Around?

For quite some time (a couple of years...) I have noticed a very weird scene on a road that I drive to take my kids to school: There is an empty fenced in lot. It is overgrown, cluttered with…

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