Schedule “If…Then” to speak at your next event, including conferences for women and parents.  Whatever your event size, If Then is prepared to motivate your audience with single session, or multi-session programming.

The goal of every IF THEN event is to create action in the world.  We help women discover their worth and experience the grace and love of her Creator.  We help parents embrace their role as spiritual leaders in their families.  We give teens a cause worth fighting for…in 2012 we’re helping them focus on the issue of human trafficking.

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Wendy HeadshotWhat others are saying about If Then Events:

  • *Touched me deeply – good speaker, made things very clear
  • *Enlightening & entertaining. Made me think – Great!
  • *So informative – learned a lot
  • *Wendy is a very passionate inspirational speaker. Her love for the Lord is evident in her speaking
  • *Very interesting – loved the speaker
  • *Wonderful – exactly what I needed
  • *Very funny and made me think
  • *Touched my heart
  • *Inspired me to share my gifts more

Wendy Fitzgerald – Speaker / Writer

Wendy is an accomplished author and speaker whose strength lies in weaving deep truths into the heart of her messages by using the power of story to paint an unforgettable picture in the minds and hearts of those who hear her. She believes that through stories, every heart- those seeking Christ, young in Christ or mature in Christ- can be connected to God’s truth. Her heart’s desire is for every person to experience the joy that comes from understanding what makes them special in the eyes of their Creator and to help them unlock the excitement that comes from being who they were designed to be!



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